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Precision angular contact ball bearing belongs to the deformation structure of deep groove ball bearing, which is applicable to various precision machinery. This series of bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, and can work at high speed. Based on the axial load, the contact angle is mainly divided into C-15 °, AC-25 °, A-30 °, B-40 ° and other structures, with small friction coefficient, high ultimate speed and high manufacturing accuracy. Ceramic ball series bearings and seal series bearings can be provided. The retainers are mainly organically processed window-type brass retainers, steel plate stamping retainers, glass fiber reinforced nylon retainers (nylon) and phenolic laminated pipe retainers (bakelite), Universal and arbitrarily matched combined bearings are also available. Mainly used in: machine tool spindle, high frequency motor, gas turbine, centrifugal separator, front wheel of small car, differential pinion shaft, booster pump, drilling platform, food machinery, dividing head, repair welding machine, low noise cooling tower, mechanical and electrical equipment, painting equipment, machine tool slot plate, arc welding machine, water pump, module and supporting base, etc

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Ningbo WTOO Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional China Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings Factory and CustomPrecision Angular Contact Ball Bearings Suppliers . Founded in May 2000, is a wholly-owned enterprise, covering an area of 31682 square meters, with a plant area of 61000 square meters, and has 950 employees, including 110 research and development personnel. The production and sales volume of miniature deep groove ball bearings with inner diameter ranging from 3mm to 60mm ranks the first in China and the second in the world.

WTOO has successively won the national manufacturing single champion, the national high-tech enterprise, the post-doctoral workstation of Zhejiang Province, the enterprise technology center of Zhejiang Province, and the brand strategy demonstration enterprise of Zhejiang Province. WTOO pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, constantly introduces scientific and technological talents, cooperates with domestic bearing industry experts and scientific research institutions, and vigorously implements the technical innovation project. In October 2010, it acquired and held two bearing companies in Shanghai, established talent centers, technology research and development centers, and sales centers, and formed a group business model.

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Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings Industry knowledge

1. What Sets Our Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings Apart?
Meticulous Design and Engineering:
Our Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings are the product of meticulous design and engineering expertise. We prioritize innovation and precision in every stage of manufacturing. Our team of skilled engineers utilizes cutting-edge technology to design bearings with optimized ball and raceway geometries. These designs are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of various industries.
Example: Aerospace Applications
In the aerospace sector, our bearings play a critical role in aircraft engines. Their ability to withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and varying loads, is paramount for ensuring the reliable performance of these engines. The precision-engineered contact angles and optimized geometry enable our bearings to handle the combined radial and axial forces encountered during flight, contributing to the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations.
Exceptional Performance and Versatility:
Our bearings are renowned for their exceptional performance characteristics. Their ability to handle both radial and axial loads efficiently sets them apart from conventional bearings. This capability ensures enhanced rigidity and supports high-speed operations without compromising precision. Our bearings excel across a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from automotive systems to industrial machinery.
Example: Industrial Machinery Efficiency
Consider their application in industrial machinery. Our bearings facilitate smooth and precise motion, contributing significantly to enhanced productivity. In machining operations, these bearings are critical components that enable high-speed spindle rotations, ensuring accuracy and surface finish consistency in manufactured parts. Their ability to handle diverse loads while minimizing friction leads to increased operational efficiency across various manufacturing sectors.
Commitment to Excellence and Reliability:
At our factory, a commitment to excellence and reliability is ingrained in our manufacturing process. We uphold stringent quality control measures at every step. From the selection of premium-grade materials to the precision manufacturing processes, each bearing undergoes rigorous inspection and testing to meet or exceed industry standards.
Example: Quality Assurance in Wind Turbines
Our bearings exemplify durability and reliability, particularly in wind turbines. These bearings endure extreme environmental conditions while ensuring the smooth rotation of turbine blades. Their robust design and quality assurance measures contribute to the sustainable production of wind energy by minimizing maintenance requirements and maximizing operational uptime.

2. How Do Our Precision Bearings Enhance Your Machinery's Performance?
The deployment of our Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings translates into substantial improvements in machinery performance across multiple industries. In automotive applications, our bearings installed within wheel hubs ensure exceptional stability during various driving conditions. They effectively manage forces encountered during maneuvers, providing drivers with a smooth and safe driving experience.
Moreover, our bearings play a pivotal role in robotics, where precision and reliability are paramount. By integrating our bearings into robotic arms, we enable precise movements essential for manufacturing processes. These bearings empower robots to perform intricate tasks swiftly and accurately, contributing to enhanced productivity and efficiency in automated production lines.
In addition, the versatility of our bearings is exemplified in industrial equipment like machine tools. Their ability to handle both radial and axial loads allows for improved machining accuracy and surface finish. This directly impacts the quality of manufactured components, ensuring adherence to precise specifications across diverse manufacturing sectors.

3. Why Trust Our Factory for Your Bearing Needs?
Our factory's dedication to quality control and assurance sets us apart as a trusted provider of Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings. We prioritize stringent quality checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that each bearing leaving our facility adheres to uncompromising standards.
We understand the critical role bearings play in machinery reliability. Hence, our bearings undergo extensive testing protocols to guarantee consistent performance and durability. This commitment to quality and reliability is exemplified in applications such as wind turbines, where our bearings withstand harsh environmental conditions, contributing to sustainable energy production.
Selecting our Precision Angular Contact Ball Bearings signifies choosing reliability, precision, and unmatched performance for your machinery. Our bearings, backed by advanced technology and rigorous quality control, are instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency across diverse industries. Trust us to deliver bearings that exceed expectations and elevate the performance of your machinery to new heights.